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The FRESIA universal Vee-blades represent the best in the snowplowing sector.
This equipment is indispensable fro all mountain roads that have to be freed from an high and frozen snow deck, whirled-up snow stacks and to create layby and turnouts.
The whole vee-blade structure is made of special steel and the scraper blades are made of manganese steel to ensure an high wear and impact resistance.
This equipment is provided with all oleodynamic controls, operated by the driver, which permit lifting and lowering, independent operning and closing of each wing in the most various positions: "Vee", left or right angledozer, shovel or bulldozer. Hydraulic and mechanic security devices protect equipment and vehicle from possible bumps, so that work may be carried out without interruption.
All different sized FRESIA Universal Vee-Blades are suitable to be applied on tractors, 4x4 vehicles, wheel loader and motor greeder with high snow clearing performance.

Model   TO TB TA TR
Weight kg 950 1300 1450 1550
Max height mm 1100 1350 1500 1800
Clearing width mm 2600 3000 3000 3000