F800 Chassis are available in 4×4, 6×6 or 8×8 configurations and available with various wheelbases and widths thanks to our wide variety of possible axles ranging from narrow 2.5m wide which may also be suitable for Avio-Transportable units up to 3.3m wide which offer the highest high speed stability on the market.

Fresia F800 chassis can be equipped with a wide variety of rear mounted engines (or the possibility to install Twin-Engines) with up to 1,500Hp all coupled to fully automatic transmissions and PTO’s to run high power pumps.

The F800 chassis has a low center of gravity and thanks to it’s light constructions allows for ultra high payloads maintaining low GVW’s for excellent acceleration and handling and is perfectly suitable for the installation of HRET’s.

The F800 chassis is available with Fresia Cab or can be equipped with customer supplied cabin.